Study Circles — an ongoing education

Friends, there are a number of Ruhi and Ruhi-inspired Study Circles in San Jose that you can join in with. Or you can start a study circle of your own!

Currently there is:

  • A study of Ruhi Book 5 ongoing at the Baha’i Center on Wednesday nights at 7PM. Effatina Boutros Behjat is tutoring.
  • A study of Ruhi Book 8, Unit 1 ongoing at the home of Luisa Priddy, who is tutoring this circle.
  • A study of Ruhi Book 10, Unit 1 is ongoing at the Baha’i Center on Sunday afternoons at 12:30PM after Family School. This circle meets for all but the last Sunday of the month. Briana Gardner and Luisa Priddy tutor this group.
  • A study of the Kitab-i-Iqan on the final Sunday of each month at the Baha’i Center beginning at 12:30PM. Maya Bohnhoff and Luisa Priddy facilitate the discussion.

If you would like to join one of these groups or would like to join in the study of any other Ruhi book or sacred text, please contact Study Circle Coordinator Briana Gardner at [email protected].

If you know of other study groups that are not on the current list, please email the webmaster, Maya Bohnhoff at [email protected] to have them added.

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