Vanuatu Temple Hosts Interfaith Gathering

TANNA, Vanuatu — Amid the chanting of prayers, the gentle call for oneness echoed in the Tanna House of Worship. The friends who had gathered under its canopy felt a soul-refreshing breeze. Though from diverse faiths, they knew that their greatest source of strength is their common humanity. 
This gathering of chiefs and nearby residents held recently marked the 2nd anniversary of the temple’s dedication. The seeds of love and unity that were sown in their society decades earlier have, in these two years, given rise to a House of Worship that stands as a haven of peace.
A member of the Bahá’í National Spiritual Assembly of Vanuatu stated that “those who pray within its walls can feel the motivating force of love, a love that beckons people of all races and background, so needed in these troubling times.”

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