Kevin Locke Dances

Homefront pioneer needed at Standing Rock

Dear Friends, 

Kevin Locke, a Lakota Baha’i musician and scholar, has started a foundation in the name of his mother, Patricia Locke, and they are doing amazing work at Standing Rock Reservation. Patricia Locke was honored posthumously for her work to preserve the Lakota language and culture, just as her son has worked tirelessly to preserve the music and dancing of the tribe.

The foundation is looking for a young male or couple with teaching experience and cultural sensitivity with indigenous cultures to home-front pioneer at Standing Rock.

If you are interested or for more information, go to:

The Standing Rock Reservation bridges the border between the states of North and South Dakota and is the homeland of several bands of the Lakota and Dakota Oyate tribes. It is the sixth-largest First Nations reservation in the US, and includes all of Sioux County, North Dakota, and Corson County, South Dakota, and parts of two other counties.

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