Second Harvest Food Bank Needs Our Help

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit social institutions and aid organizations particularly hard, which creates even more hardship for the most vulnerable populations in our community. While our most recent Second Harvest barrel sent 258 pounds of food to the local food bank, it will remain empty until we can meet again safely at the Baha’i…

Healing Racism Part 6, Why We Must Unite

The Baha’i teachings say that humanity’s future, both nationally and globally, depends on our ability to unite. But who has the main responsibility for building that unity? In Part IV of The Vision of Race Unity: America’s Most Challenging Issue, the Baha’is offer an answer: The responsibility for the achievement of racial peace and unity in the United…

Martyrdom of the Báb Online Observance

We will observe the anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Beloved Báb on July 9 at 12:30. Please join us online for devotions, music, and the reading of the Tablet of Visitation. Zoom Link:

Healing Racism Part 5, Unity Takes Work

You’ve heard this frequent refrain in media, in social networking, in political rhetoric and in classrooms: America is the greatest nation on Earth. Is it true? As I noted in a previous essay in this series, the United States has also been called a grand experiment, a melting pot, a United Nations within a nation….

Healing Racism Part 4, Walking the Walk

Every great spiritual teacher, messenger and prophet advises us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Buddha famously said:  It is indeed a fact that salvation cannot come from the mere sight of Me. It demands strenuous efforts in the practice of Dharma (Truth). …A man must take medicine to be cured; the…

Healing Racism Part 2, A Vision of Race Unity

During the past several years, Americans made a distressing “discovery:” we are not a post-racial society and racial animus is still very much alive.  We must focus on recognizing the problems and issues this hard fact calls upon us to face. Where do we start? Here’s a suggestion: the passages below, from the statement “The…

Virtual Study Circle: Ruhi Book 10, Unit 2

Weekly on Thursday, Vida Eliasieh is tutoring Ruhi Book 10, Unit 2. The subject of Book 10 is Building Vibrant Communities—surely a challenge in this day! Unit 2 is on the divine art of Consultation. The study circle begins at 7:30 pm.